Sunday, January 27, 2008


Nature, nature,
you are the best
Mother of all.

You give us,
Air ,water and food,
And make us strong.

We cannot live,
without you,
we shall give our lives to you


sanjay said...

The very first post in your blog is about nature, well, there can not be a better subect other than this to start with... We all grow up hearing the lullabies of nature so as you have correctly said, nature is the best mother of all..
unfortunately, our this very own beloved mother is being treated cruelly by the politicians and businessmen in the name of development and tourism... let us all, young and old, stand together hand in hand, and raise our voice as "one" to put an end to this injustice to mother nature...
very well written and keep writing.

sanjay uncle

amummysdaughter said...


quest4gold said...

Welcome to the blogging community Very good attempt in your maiden effort. Nature is a very large subject and you have capsuled that to a mother. Great effort and your works shows the pain you had taken to describe the largest subject. Keep attempting it. My suggestion is that try more such efforts around your own world and it will throw up interesting subjects. Larger subjects are for older people all the best
solly uncle

amummysdaughter said...

thank u uncle

quest4gold said...

Searching for
a mommys daughter
looks like she got lost in the nature
how soon can we expect
a mommys daughter
to come out

Solly uncle